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  Newsletter 20 April 2018  

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Family Shared Learning Journey

By now, you will have received your new Family Shared Learning Journey scrap book to replace the old style homework. This idea was created with your input; we are really pleased with it and we hope you and your family are too. At the end of this newsletter is a list of the activities recommended and some top tips for when you do them. Enjoy your time with your family doing these wonderful activities.

Year 4,5 and 6 Assembly about William Coltman

Lyn171117Yesterday, the children had an assembly about William Coltman. He was awarded the Victoria Cross, the highest award for gallantry in the face of the enemy that could be awarded to British and Commonwealth forces. He was a stretcher bearer who carried injured troops. If your child is in year 4, 5 or 6, ask them more about this amazing hero.

Children in Need

Thank you for sending your children in mufti today with their donations to Children in Need. It is a fantastic cause and giving donations and raising funds for charity fits so well with our core value of compassion. 

Children’s Tombola Mufti- 24th November

Next Friday, there will be a mufti day. To wear mufti, we ask that the children bring in a prize for children (e.g. small toys, selection boxes). These prizes will be used for the Tombola at the children’s activity work shop.

Parent and Career Questionnaires

Thank you to everyone who completed a questionnaire after the TLC meetings. It has given us some great feedback to help improve the school. We always value your input and in partnership with you, we can create the best school experience possible for your children.

School Shoes

Please remember that, as it states in our prospectus, we expect children to wear black school shoes as part of their uniform. In the coming weeks we shall be monitoring this, and encouraging the correct uniform.

Cancelling Hot Dinners

From January, if a hot meal is no longer required but is not cancelled by 9:30 there will be a charge.

Dates for Christmas Productions

Tuesday 6th December- Reception Nativity
Tuesday 12th December- Years 1, 2 and 3 evening performance
Wednesday 13th December- Years 1, 2 and 3 afternoon performance
Monday 18th December- Years 4, 5 and 6 afternoon performance
Tuesday 19th December- Years 4, 5and 6 evening performance

Keeping in Touch

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Events for the week beginning 20th November

Monday -     Guitars and Football Club
Tuesday -        Tae Kwon Do
Wednesday -     Violins and Brass, Limelight Dance Academy
Friday – Celebration Assembly

Family Shared Learning Journey Activities

Wonderful Winter is upon us, waking up in the morning to find a shimmering frost covering everything as far as the eye can see. There are still lots of adventures to be had. Have a look at the Winter activities that will give you a warm glow inside (even if it’s cold outside).
1.    Play in the snow.          
2. Go star gazing.                                     
3. Track a wild animal.                            
4. Visit the Country Park.                        
5. Visit a museum.                                    
6. Create a maths game.                             
7. Make a family meal.                            
8. Create a family gallery.                        

1.    Play in the snow.
What you need:
.    Lots of clean white snow.
.    Waterproof and layers clothes to keep you warm and dry.

Top Tip
If you have made a snowman before then why not try making a snow sculpture of your favourite animal.

2.    Go star gazing.
If you’re really lucky, you might be able to make a wish on a shooting star.
What you need:
.    A clear night with few clouds
.    A place with no street lights.
.    A grown-up to go with you to star gaze.

Top Tip
Orion’s Belt is one of the easiest constellations to spot and is the night sky during the winter months.  Just look for three bright stars in a straight line.

3.    Track a wild animal
Animals are easy to find if you follow their footprints, feathers, fur and poo.
What you need:
.    Sharp eyes.
.    Trainers or boots so you can track down animals wherever they roam.

Top Tip
Remember, animals don’t wear shoes so their footprints don’t all look the same.  From a horse’s hoof to a rabbit’s paw, learn what you’re looking for.  Whatever you do don’t touch the poo!

4.    Visit a Country Park and make a drawing.
Country Parks are a great way to see the seasons change.  Return to your spot in the country park to draw.  Remember to use the proper colours.  

What you need:
.    Pencils
.    Paper
.    A grown-up to draw a picture too (this could be part of your family art gallery).

5.    Visit a museum
Museums are great places to visit to find out about all sorts of things.  Did you know we have a museum in Northampton town?
What you need:
.    A grown-up to go to the museum with.
.    Paper and pencils to draw pictures of the exhibits.

Top Tip
The Northampton Town Museum will be closed from Sunday 19th February 2017 to have an extension built. Why not visit before it closes and then again when it reopens to spot the differences.

6.    Create a Maths Game
Maths games are a great way to learn and have fun at the same time. This is also a great way to spend a cold, rainy Winter day.

What you need:
.    Access to  There are lots of ideas here to get you started.  
.     Paper, pencils, dice, counters.
.    An adult to help you make and game and to play with.

7.    Make a family meal
Winter is a time to have lovely casseroles and soups.  It’s not really fair that one person does all the cooking all the time so why not share the responsibility and make a delicious meal that you can make and share together. 

These websites are a great place to start. and

8.    Create a family gallery.
See your class teacher for picture frames to create your gallery or make your own.

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