Families claiming Free School Meals generates additional funding for pupils at Lyncrest Primary School. This is known as the Pupil Premium.

This funding helps us to offer targeted support for pupils who need it, whether this is for accelerating learning (such as 1:1 tuition) for a pupil may be at risk of falling behind, or to help more able pupils to achieve at a higher level (such as aiming for level 5 and 6 at Year 6) in Maths.

The Pupil Premium funding has enabled us to further enhance the opportunities for every child to shine at Lyncrest.

September 2014 – July 2015


Cost and intended outcomes.


All pupils in KS2 targeted for Maths in smaller groups/ with support from additional adult.

Benefits all pupils.


Accelerated learning for pupils who are not working at age expected levels in Mathematics or who are working above age expected levels in Mathematics.


Small groups from Reception to Year 3 phonics teaching and learning.

Learning based on pupil needs.

Benefits all pupils.


Read, Write Inc is moving pupils forward more quickly and showing impact in Reading and Writing.

Accelerated learning in Foundation Stage and Key Stage One.

1:1 tuition in Reading and Mathematics for pupils in Year 6 who are targeted to make better than expected progress.

Benefits specific pupils.


Pupils are targeted and pupils growing in self-esteem and are “secondary ready”

Targeted Year 5 pupils are given the opportunity to access the Playing for Success programme at the Saints, The sessions are held at the Study Centre afterschool once a week. October – November 2014

Benefits PP pupils and specific pupils.

Cost £ 2000

Pupils are given new opportunities to develop skills in Computing, Mathematics and English. The programme aims to raise self esteem.

All pupils in Year 4 and Year 5, who need English support, working in small groups every day for intensive phonics and literacy work based on Fresh Start.

Benefits specific pupils.

Cost £10000

New resources purchased for Fresh Start and three staff trained.

Pupils taught in small groups to meet their needs.

Additional support from an adult in Nursery

Benefits Nursery pupils.


Pupils are supported to become independent in all areas of the setting by having an additional support which enables the teacher to facilitate Mathematics and English support.

Opportunity for pupils to learn an instrument at half price if they are on Pupil Premium list.

All pupils in Year 5 have weekly brass lessons and an instrument to borrow at home.

Benefits PP pupils and Year 5 pupils.


More pupils are learning to play instruments and at a younger age. This is improving self-confidence and concentration.

Music tuition demand has increased.

Greater interest and uptake in opportunities.

Opportunity for school visits and visitors at no cost to all families.

Including regular curriculum experiences to enrich learning and topics in the New National Curriculum.

Benefits all pupils.


Visits to woods, castles etc will enrich learning and give our new curriculum more depth and relevance for all pupils. Equally we value input from visitors such as The Roman Soldier.

Opportunities for pupils who have a deep interest in a subject or who are particularly able to develop this through extension and enrichment activities.

Benefits PP and specific pupils.


Opportunities for pupils to visit the Science Centre etc. to respond to their interests and skills.

Parents who have children entitled to PP can request reduced childcare costs at Lyncrest.


Opportunities for children to be cared for within our school if parents have emergencies, appointments or need support.

Nurture Groups

Pupils with specific needs are given weekly sessions to improve and develop specific skills.

Benefits specific pupils.


All pupils with specific needs will be included at the appropriate times.

Parenting groups

Parenting groups will be held to support specific areas such as Behaviour.

Benefits: Specific pupils.


Classes will be held to support families, as required.


Total cost allocated: £70200 (September 2014)

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