Lyncrest E-News 5-5-2017

  Newsletter 21 February 2018  

Hello Visitor,


Above are some pictures of our Year 4 (and also ten history enthusiasts from Year 5 and 6) that spent Friday 28th April as “Victorian Children” at Holdenby House. The day was a great success and the children were beautifully behaved. The practical day was thoroughly enjoyed by the pupils who experienced a taste of Victorian times. I’m sure everyone was glad to return home after they found out how hard life was for children in Victoria times. Everyone worked very hard as you can see!

Curriculum Newsletters

The new Curriculum Newsletters were sent home on Friday 28th April. They are also on our website if you need to look at them at a later date. (then pick a class from the sidebar)

Year Six

On Monday May 8th, KS2 tests for pupils in Year Six will begin. From experience, we find that it is good for the class to meet together for breakfast or just to enjoy each other’s company so they can have a calm start to the day. Therefore there will be a free breakfast club from Monday – Thursday which all Year Six are invited and encouraged to attend, even if they have already eaten breakfast at home. This special breakfast club will be held in Year 6 classroom from 8am.

Toys at Lyncrest

Please remind your children to leave their toys at home when they come to school. The recent craze of “Fiddle Toys” has resulted in some children thinking that these toys are an exception, but they are not.

Dates for your diary

  • May 11th: Toddler Group cancelled for this week so we have a quiet environment for the tests.
  • Tuesday afternoons: Year 4 to The Saints Study Centre.
  • Monday and Tuesday 15th and 16th May: The Life Education Bus visits Lyncrest.
  • Monday May 22nd: Governor Drop-in.
  • Friday 26th May: PTFA Wet n Wild.
  • Break up for half term.
  • Monday 5th June: School opens for new term.
  • Sports Day for all pupils from Reception to Year 6 will be held at The Duston Trilogy Sports Ground on Friday 30th June from 10am- 12 followed by a family picnic lunch.  (If wet, July 14th.)  

Lost Property

Every classroom has a purple bucket of unnamed lost property, including coats and new t shirts. It is such as shame to see that your hard earned cash is being wasted. PLEASE name everything, as then it can be returned when it is mislaid!


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